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By Etta Madete: Architectural Designer at BuildX Studio, Lecturer(TF)-University of Nairobi, Aspen Senior Fellow, EDGE Expert©.

“At least he left a son behind to take care of his mum.”

This is the sentiment expressed in almost every funeral I attend in my ancestral home in Western Kenya. Even as the world celebrated women last month, it only takes a few days living with the patriarchal realities in rural Kenya, that all my feminist optimism, bolstered by the progressive urban life, gets stripped away. …

By Carolina Larrazábal, Co-Founder & Design Director at BuildX Studio

Image of BuildX Studio’s Nakuru Children’s Home. Credit: Odysseas Mourtzouchos/ BuildX Studio

The Kenyan government has been battling the affordable housing deficit as part of their Big Four Agenda. They have created tax incentives, provided land, created mortgage schemes and other strategies aimed at motivating developers and investors financially. They also want to ensure that we are building in a sustainable way, with a mandate that all projects under the Affordable Housing Programme must be Certified Green. …

By James Mitchell, Co-Founder & CEO, BuildX Studio / / Co-Founder & Board Chair at Buildher

In 2013 whilst running the construction of a children’s home in Nakuru, Kenya, a local woman, Hellen (pictured below, centre), showed up at our site gate asking for work. Hellen joined our work site the very next day, shortly seeing to it that a further dozen more women were enrolled to our workforce as well.

The remarkable impact they had on productivity, quality and team culture ultimately proved the inspiration behind Buildher, the organisation I co-founded in 2018 to train disadvantaged women in construction…

By Carolina Larrazábal- BuildX Studio’s Co-Founder & Design Director

My colleague Rachel recently had her first baby. She was our first employee to become a mum, so when she came back from maternity leave I wanted to learn whether our workspace was conducive for new mothers. As it turns out, it wasn’t. There wasn’t an appropriate space for her to express milk for her baby — we had to repurpose one of our meeting rooms in a rush to accommodate her. …

Project workshop at BuildX Studio’s Offices

By James Mitchell — BuildX Studio’s Co-Founder & CEO

As a man who has built a company which is 50% women-owned, 75% women-led and greater than 60% women overall, you can safely assume that I’m bought in to the benefits of hiring and working alongside women. Yet, as we grow, this critical dimension is under threat.

Earlier this year we launched BuildX’s first external equity round since my wife and I founded the company in 2016. …

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